A2Q2 helped us pass a financial statement audit and saved our grant funding. I came onto the board and was told by our auditors that the books as maintained by our part-time bookkeeper were a mess and “un-auditable”. On top of that, we were under time pressure to get the audit completed to meet our grant reporting deadline. A2Q2 reconstructed our books using receipts and documents found in various boxes. They converted our books from cash to accrual basis and prepared
the supporting schedules needed for our auditors to complete the audit.

Board Member of Non-Profit in Bay Area

Having worked with A2Q2 at two companies, I recommend them for growing organizations that needed to setup back office business processes from the ground up. A2Q2 is super helpful, accessible and responsive. They listened to my needs, proactively recommended and implemented practical solutions to help us grow. They set up our back offifice processes from cleaning up our chart of accounts to creating management reports to onboarding & offboarding employees to integrating our payroll, bill payment and QuickBooks. All that made my life easier and saved me time and headache.

Karen Royer, Executive Director

Non-Profit Start-Up Process

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Non-Profit Start-Up Process

Run a great non-profit, but are not well versed in the nuances of accounting?

Passionate about growing your impact and mission and no time for the back office stuff?

Need a knowledgeable support team to handle your finances and keep on top of the areas that you do not have time to address?

What can we help you with?

Why choose A2Q2 as your Back Office Support Team?

With the goal of becoming one of your trusted advisor and partners, we excitedly tackle challenges, respond quickly to changes and set up systems and processes so that you can have a peace of mind.