#117 | Top 5 Ways to Spend MORE Time with Auditors

Hello, everyone! I know your secret fantasy is to spend more time with auditors. While we would like to spend more time with you as well, I think we can both agree that it would be more enjoyable to spend that time sharing a good meal, relaxing at a happy hour, or something like that, [...]

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#116 | ITGC User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Approval – Good Documentation

Hello, everyone! In this session, I’m going to be reviewing with you the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Approval and what is considered good documentation. This is taking it from the perspective of the IT person or the process owner who has to save this documentation as evidence for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance. [...]

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#92 | COSO 2013 Part 2 – Mapping Template

This is part 2 of the three-part blog guide about the COSO 2013. In this guide, you will learn about the purpose of COSO Mapping, the Mapping template created by A2Q2, and the components and other sections of the Mapping Template. The following will be covered in part 2: COSO Mapping and Template Mapping Template [...]

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#65 | NetSuite Customizing Dashboard Portlet

NetSuite allows users to customize the dashboard using portlets. This feature is a great way for you to easily look at a glance the reports and other business-related KPIs that are most important to you. Having the highlights or high-level reports you need in one place will definitely save you time. Here, you will learn [...]

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#60 | SOX Test of Effectiveness & Documentation

Here is an overview of what the testing training will cover. Our testing is on Test of Effectiveness or TOE. We’re verifying that control has been in place, and it operates as it was designed over a period of time. Lead Sheet & Control Descriptions; Test Procedures; & Workpaper Documentation

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#40 | Spreadsheet Testing for SOX

Welcome to spreadsheet testing for SOX. We previously discussed report testing for SOX (link to #39). There’s a difference between spreadsheets and system reports. We will go over that today and how to scope key spreadsheets. We will also tell you some other criteria to help you prioritize them. Next we will show you the steps to...

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#39 | SOX System Report Testing

Welcome to SOX system reports testing. Report testing has received a lot of focus by external auditors and the PCAOB recently so we want to address it today. The reason these system-generated reports are important is because management uses them to make judgements for booking journal entries or recording financial transactions and...

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