financial accounting, business process reengineering, internal auditing, and financial controls

A2Q2 is like the Special Ops Team for accounting departments. We parachute in for important projects such as:

  • Accounting and audit preparation
  • Business process optimization
  • ERP implementation
  • Internal controls
  • IPO readiness
  • M&A integration
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

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Two Lessons in Success I Learned from our CEO
Posted by: Kim Le

We all know that success can be defined in many different ways, and that there are various methods in measuring this elusive quality. It can be realized in many forms: a student earning an ‘A’ on a test, a businesswoman achieving a comfortable salary, a father whose child is confident around other children, or by a simple nod of approval from a mentor. The perception of success is in the “eye of the beholder,” and this fact becomes self-evident as life progresses. read more…

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“Kim is an exceptional leader who develops very strong teams. She drives results with great integrity.”

“..assembled a team on short notice…managed within tight deadlines and budget constraints to meet our objectives.”

“The staff possesses the unique combination of technical and audit experience.”

“I just wanted to tell you that the team is doing a bang-up job on revenue.”